Ubc Data Transfer Agreement

(These forms can be saved with the latest versions of Acrobat Reader, complete with data) Mitacs projects are funded by UBC through a UBC-Mitacs funding agreement, managed by the UBC Office of Research Services. A direct agreement between UBC and the company supporting the Mitacs Project (the „Mitacs Funding Partner“) is therefore generally not necessary. In some situations, existing funds that UBC has received from a research partner may be eligible through Mitacs support programs. Mitacs` terms and conditions require that Mitacs` partner`s contribution to the Mitacs Prize be sent to Mitacs before being paid to the investigator via UBC. Therefore, the UBC auditor should be aware that the transfer of funds from UBC to Mitacs is considered an effort and the corresponding indirect cost rate is deducted from the funds upon the transfer. Mitacs may collect additional taxes and fees in addition to appropriate funds. Few people at university have the power to hire the university through contracts. The power to sign contracts is subject to UBC`s signature decisions; the power to sign research contracts and agreements is subject to the signing of #11 decisions. Thank you for providing the details of the data transfer agreement. The university recognizes that Mitacs partners may wish to have security about their rights and access to intellectual property developed during the Mitacs project. To this end, UILO has developed a standardised agreement with the option of the acs agreement. According to this agreement, when a university inventor wants the university to consider patenting, marketing or mobilizing a university research product, or where disclosure of a sponsored research product is required by the sponsored research agreement, it is necessary to complete and submit a disclosure questionnaire of inventions and transfer form to the UILO. This form describes the invention or discovery and confirms the transfer of intellectual property rights to the university.

You should receive an email soon containing a pdf attachment based on your responses. Please follow the following instructions carefully to complete the processing of this agreement: If you are a researcher who switches to UBC, you are asked to contact us as soon as possible to discuss the assistance you need. Make sure the coordinator manages the records of sub-sites that have been sent to UILO for signature. It seems that your project is a collaborative research agreement that does not cover UBC`s insurance policy with the costs associated with regenerating research data following a catastrophic event, such as an earthquake. The loss of research institutions is covered by the university`s non-life insurance, but insurers are not responsible for the cost of reproducing experiments or the cost of collecting or compiling information or data for such reproduction. Essentially, UILO will review the agreements as soon as a project plan and budget has been developed and an information form on research projects has been completed. For more information, see Creating Research Partnerships. UBC`s term „inventions“ includes any invention or discovery; Software, data, information, research tools, materials and know-how that are proprietary in nature. Inventions may or may not be protected by intellectual property, such as patents or copyrights. The concept of inventions excludes, among other things, teaching materials, course notes, textbooks, music, films, plays and other dramatic works or writings that are of a scientific nature. When funding agreements are concluded, THE UILO need the following points to create subseurized agreements: if inventors simply want to communicate or publish the results of the research, but do not want to commercialize the nascent intellectual property (and they are not required to commercialize the invention through a sponsored research agreement), there is no obligation to invent the invention

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