Agreement Between Employer And Labour Contractor

The contract employee could be a daily bet or the daily wage is accumulated and given at the top of the month. Industries justify temporary work on the grounds that the need is temporary or seasonal. Nevertheless, there are prepared cases where temporary work is used for tasks such as security, sweeping and cleaning, while it is difficult to understand that these tasks are temporary and do not justify permanent full-time workers. Leaders try to circumvent the provisions of social legislation, unless they are legally defeated or forced by circumstances, while justice has forever upheld the idea of social justice, human dignity and the well-being of workers. 28. The agreement is governed by the provisions of a system established by the Dock Workers Act 1948 and the underlying rules. Where a provision of this Agreement is repugnant or incompatible with a provision of such a regime applicable to the employment of dockers and applicable to this Agreement, that provision of the Agreement shall be treated for the Parties in a manner of no null and void. The agreement between the contractor and the main employer or the format of the contractor must be typed on a stamp paper of reasonable value, as requested by the Land Government. Transportation is one in each of the most important aspects necessary that men provide. Indicate whether or not the transport of labour to the factory or geographical point is the responsibility of the undertaking or the contractor.

Sometimes it is the contractor who allows such transport. 27. This Agreement shall enter into force on ————— and shall initially apply for a period of one year. It may be extended for a specified period by mutual agreement between the parties. The contract may be terminated by any party with a period of one month in writing to the other party. However, in the event of a breach of the contract by the contractor, the former has the right to terminate it immediately and without notice. (The notification shall be addressed to the address mentioned in the agreement between the contractor and the main employer. However, when an accident occurs despite compliance with the safety measures imposed by the worker, any injury or loss of life is caused to the worker in such a way that he is paid by the company in accordance with the labour legislation in force. 5. It is not the duty or responsibility of the contractor to control the work of the workers it provides, but the undertaking, through its representatives, will carry out that work and the workers will follow and carry out the instructions it has given. .

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