Atsb Enterprise Agreement

For more information about Repcon, please contact our Recruitment Officer on 02 6122 1673 or by email: Announced at the 2019 Australian International Aviation Show, the agreement provides for RMIT to become the ATSB training partner that offers security investigator qualifications. The first course offered is a postgraduate certificate in Transport Safety Investigation, which teaches how accident investigations are managed and managed by air, rail and marine vehicles. You can contact the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) and access the repcon via their website. Do you have a safety issue that you wish to report that could endanger the safety of the public or the operation of the railways? To support these claims, our organizational well-being indicators generated by recent employee surveys are as follows: as a „team“, we have created an operational environment where our greatest resource, our staff, will more effectively use their collective wealth of core skills and attributes to improve road safety in the aviation sectors, rail and marine. In addition, the ATSB recognizes that quality learning and development is critical to the success of any operational organization that relies on its credibility to achieve positive safety outcomes. All ATSB employees have access to continuing professional development opportunities, including the ability to maintain sector/business qualifications (in practice) and targeted tertiary activities through our new partnership with RMIT University. Please note that REPCON is not an alternative to fulfilling the obligations to report a boat accident or incident under the regulations recognising the practical difficulties encountered in notifying a number of separate authorities who consider a report to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) or AusSAR Canberra as a report to the ATSB. although the ATSB is a separate organization. After receiving a report of an incident, ATSB staff, who are on the phone 24 hours a day, decide what action to take. Make journal notes about inappropriate incidents or behavior.

„It`s a really strategic partnership. The creation of an offer enabling staff to acquire and apply these qualifications in their respective sectors will complement and enhance the ATSB`s main objective, which is to improve transport safety for all Australians. . . .

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