Cabinet Installation Agreement

Short form contract XXXXX.This contract was written on the 16th day of the month. March 2011The binding contract between XXXXX LLC.XXXX RD. XXXXX PA 17ANDXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX NJFor XXXXX LLC to build a kitchen to specifications, approved and signed by. XXXXX payment under the following conditions; 30% In case of signing the contract and balance due upon delivery of items in good condition and ready for installation. Balance for cabinets and 1/3 of the office expenses due after satisfactory completion of cabinet installation. Balance of office expenses due after satisfactory completion of the installation of the work plan. XXXXLLC Representative _________________________DateXXXX ___________________________________________Date e. Design and provide kitchen cabinet and kitchen presentation design documentation based on a mutually agreed design between the owners and __ Documentation to include: Closet design graphic with dimensions and graphic kitchen layout and dimensions to facilitate installation by ________and to allow communication with the general contractor __. .

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