Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement Text

The SOFA agreement stipulates that Allied troops may remain outside the legal competence of the host country (in this case Poland) with regard to omissions related to their service obligations. This means that any infringement or offence that is not related to the obligations is fully competent if the Polish side expresses its willingness to deal with the situation in this way. The United States and Poland concluded negotiations on the Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), which build on our existing security cooperation and strengthen our long-standing defense partnership. The agreement also provides that the United States is not allowed to store or position nuclear weapons on Philippine territory. [2] Article X, Implementation, provides that the Philippines and the United States shall enter into implementing agreements for the implementation of the provisions of the EDCA in agreed locations and with respect to financing. The implementation of agreements may address other issues related to the presence of U.S. personnel at agreed sites. On April 29, Malacañang published the full text of the agreement. The Enhanced Defence Cooperation Agreement is a ten-page document, with a preamble and 12 articles. Government spokesmen repeatedly described the EDCA as a framework agreement that increased the scope of the 1951 Mutual Defence Treaty (TDS). The Mutual Defense Treaty was signed in 1951 and ratified in 1952 by the governments of the United States and the Philippines. The purpose of the treaty was to strengthen the „fabric of peace“ in the Pacific by formally adopting an agreement to defend the territory of the other in the event of an external attack. [8] In accordance with this treaty, the United States maintained several military bases in the Philippines, including Subic Bay Naval Base and Clark Air Force Base.

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